Hello, my name is Seth.

I am a Full-Stack, Front-End focused developer.
I have been making websites since Jan. 2014.

Thats 30616 work hours, to be more specific.

I generally build websites for clients, usually in Wordpress. Given as little as a PSD design file, I can build just about any Wordpress site from design handoff to deployment. I also generally handle client relations (tech based) and training for their new website.

Front End Overview

My front end experience has been mostly focused on creating clean, fast code, that scales with lots or little content, changes easily and reliably with different screen sizes and aims more for subtle animations to enhance the page, instead of overt and flashy parallax and loading effects.
Skills and Languages I Can Use
HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Javascript, jQuery, JSON/XML, LESS, API Management, Flexbox, DOM Manipulation, CSS Grid, AJAX, CSS Animation, CSS Effects
Some Tools and Frameworks I Can Use
Wordpress, Gulp, Vagrant, Homestead, Foundation, Bootstrap, Slick.js, Animate.css, Bulma, FontAwesome, Bourbon, Handlebars, NPM, Bower, Yarn, Compass, LoDash

Back End Overview

My backend work has been primarily in service of website builds, and their tangential needs. Revolving around clean fast code, repeatable classes and instances that are easy to maintain, and use as minimal server resources as possible.
Skills and Languages I Can Use
Git (CLI and GUI), PHP, SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Linux, WP-CLI, NANO, Linux CLI and most commands, Apache, NGINX Composer, Homebrew, Server Setup and Management,
Tools and Technologies I Can Use
Wordpress, Laravel, AWS, DIgitalOcean, Symfony, DotENV, Homestead, XAMPP,
Other Related Things I Can Do
I also develop video games and write books. I help document open source libraries and contribute to better documentation practices as a whole in the industry.

Some Noteworthy Unclassified Projects

A website I built to showcase and list podcasts, blogs, and other things centered around my Level Up Your Fandom network.

Project Role
Project Type
Project Date
Tools Used
Neoboiler, Foundation, Composer, LNMP server, MySQL, Wordpress

A complete rebranding and design direction for Nation Wholesale Fuels, one of the largest fuel distributors in the nation.

Project Role
Project Type
Complete Custom Build
Project Date
Tools Used
Wordpress, CSS, jQuery, custom animations

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